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Central Bank :            Central Bank of Sudan (CBOS)
Founded :                  1960
Head quarters :          Khartoum
Currency :                  Sudanese Pound
User(s) :                     Sudan

Central Bank of Sudan


25 Piastres (1983)
Date of Issue: 1st of January 1983. 
Obverse: President Gaafar Muhammad an-Nimeiry (1930-2009) wearing native headdress. Coat of Arms depicting outline map of Sudan,Secretary Bird (Sagittarius serpentarius) and a snake. Roselle flowers.
Reverse: Emblem of Sudan(1969) depicting Secretary Bird (Sagittarius serpentarius) bearing a shield. Kosti Bridge (Kusti) across White Nile Riverin Rabak. 
Watermark: None. 
Predominant colour: Red-orange. 
Issued by: Bank of Sudan

1 Pound

10 Pounds

50 Pounds
Year : 1992

Item code: 182
Year : 2011

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