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Central Bank :             Central Bank of Yemen
Founded :                   1971
Head quarters :           Sana'a
Currency :                  Yemeni rial
User(s) :                     Yemen
Symbol :                     

Central Bank of Yemen

1 Rial
Year : 1980
Obverse: Mosque. 
Reverse: Coffee plants.

20 Rials
Year : 1990
Obverse: Sculpture of Dionysus with grapes. 
Reverse: Panorama Aden.
Original Size: 146 x 71 mm.
Texts: Central Bank of Yemen; Twenty Rials.

50 Rials
Itemcode : 197
Year : 1993
Obverse: Bronze statue of Ma'adkarib "Bronze man" found in Al Baydah (ancient Nashqum), now in Louvre Museum in Paris, France. 
Reverse: Shibam Hadramaut, an old capital of Hadramawt Kingdom - the oldest skyscraper city of the world.
Original Size:  150 x 74 mm
Texts: Central Bank of Yemen; Fifty Rials.

100 Rials
Itemcode : 196
Year : 1993
Obverse: Ancient culvert near Aden (or a footbridge (pont piétonnier ) in Shaharah). 
Reverse: View of the city of Sana'a and the surrounding mountains. 
Watermark: Coat of Arms depicting a golden eagle.
Signature: Alawi Saleh Al-Salami (Governor of the Central Bank).

250 Rials
Item code : 199
Year : 2009
Obverse:  Al-Saleh Mosque in Sana'a.
Reverse: View of the city of Al Mukalla and the estuary, Hadramaut..
Original Size: 159 x 75 mm
Texts: Central Bank of Yemen. Two Hundred Fifty Rials. Al-Jumhuuriyya al-Yamaniyya; Allah, al-Watan, at-Thawra, al-Wehda ("God, Nation, Revolution, Unity").

500 Rials
Item code : 200
Year : 2007.
Obverse: Rock Palace at Wadi (Valley) Dahr. 
Reverse: (Omar) Al-Muhdar Mosque in Tarim (Hadramaut).

1000 Rials
Item code : 201
Year : 2009.
Obverse: Seiyun Palace, formerly Al Kathiri Sultan's Palace at Seiyun (Say'un) in Hadramawt.
Reverse: Bab Al-Yaman Gate and the city of Sana'a.

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