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India - Princely state - Kotda Sangani State - Article



Kotda Sangani State
कोटडा सांगानी
Period  :  Unknown - 1948              Republic of India

Coat of arms


Dynasty :
Indian Independence :
Area :

Villages :
15th February 1948
233 km2 (242 sq mi)

A Fourth Class State in Kathiawar. The Ruling Family is an offshoot of the Gondal House. Kumbhoji I of Gondal had two sons, Sagramji and Sangoji, of whom the former succeeded to the gaddi as the Ruler of Gondal, while the latter received in appanage the village of Ardoi in 1654/1655. Sangoji conquered the neighbouring villages and raised his estate to the position of a Taluka. The name Sangani is derived from him. In concert with Ranmalji of Rajkot he conquered Sardhar. The State follows the rule of primogeniture in regard to succession. Jurisdictional Powers are... Civil: To the extent of 10,000Rs, Criminal: Three years rigorous imprisonment and fines to the extent of 5,000Rs. The Thakor maintains a military force of 8 cavalry, 142 infantry, and 4 guns (as of 1892).

Shree Pradyumnsinhji and Rani Vijyadevi Saheba 

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