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Syrian Bank Notes


Central Bank :            Central Bank of Syria
Headquarters  :          DamascusSyria
Established  :             1953
Currency :                  Syrian pound 
User(s) :                     

Central Bank of Syria


50 Pounds
Item code: 192
Obverse: Ugaritic script on cuneiform clay tablets from the ancient city of Ebla
Reverse: National Library of Hafiz al-Assad in Damascus. Monument to Hafez al-Assad (seated). 
Watermark: Head of an Arabian horse; Electrotype 50. 
Signatures: Dr. Adib Mayaleh (Governor); Muhammad Naji Al-Otari (Prime Minister). 
Dominant colours: Grey, earth yellow, tawny, chamoisee and golden sand. 
Security thread: Vertical, windowed, 2 mm wide, with repeated incriptions 'CBS 50' and in Arabic as well. 
Issuer: Central Bank of Syria. 
Artist: Robert Kalina, Die Oesterreichische Banknoten- und Sicherheitsdruckerei (OeBS), Austria.
Legal tender: Yes. 
Date of withdrawal: N/a. 
Material: Cotton paper. 
Printer: Die Oesterreichische Banknoten- und Sicherheitsdruckerei (OeBS), Austria.
Dimensions: 135 x 65 mm

100 Pounds
Item code : 56/SY-1
Bosra's main thoroughfare. The Bosra Amphitheatre.
The dome of the Treasury (Qubbat al-Khazna) of Damascus in the Umayyad Mosque. Central Bank of Syria on the Sabaa Bahrat Square (Square of the Seven Fountains) in Damascus. Ancient Silver Antoninianus coin of Roman Emperor Philip the Arab, Marcus Julius Philippus Augustus, Philip I, or Philippus Arabs (Reign: 244-249)
Head of an Arabian horse
Dr. Adib Mayaleh (Governor); Muhammad Naji Al-Otari

200 Pounds
Year : 1997.
Obverse: The tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Damascus. Wheat ears. Gold Dinar coin. Monument to Saladin (Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi; Salah al-Din Yusuf) in front of the Citadel of Damascus. Ancient portico support columns.
Reverse: Cotton plant. Scenes from cotton industry: women picking cotton, cotton-spinner, cotton silos.
Governor: Dr. Mohammad Bashar Kabbara (1995-2004).
Dimensions: 161 x 75 mm

Year : 2009.
Obverse: The Norias of Hama (water wheels, "wheels of pots") on the Orontes River, in the city of Hama.
Reverse: Decorated roof ceiling of the southern adyton, the Cella at the Temple of Bel at Tadmor, the ancient Palmyra.
Watermark: Head of an Arabian horse; Electrotype 200.
Signatures: Dr. Adib Mayaleh (Governor); Muhammad Naji Al-Otari (Prime Minister).
Dimensions: 145 x 65 mm.
Texts: Central Bank of Syria. Two Hundred Syrian Pounds

500 Pounds
Item code: 61/SY-3
Ruins of Palmyra. Female bust, architectural detail. Theatre of Palmyra. Queen Zenobia (Julia Aurelia Zenobia Cleopatra). Ancient portico support columns
Agricultural produce: fruits, vegetables, corn, sunflowers. Irrigation tractor. Euphrates Hydroelectric Power Plant and Dam (Tabaqah, Tabqa Dam, al-Thawra Dam)
Head of an Arabian horse
Dr. Mohammad Bashar Kabbara (1995-2004)

1000 Pounds
Item code : 135/SY-2
Umayyad mosque in the old city of Damascus. Portrait of Hafez al-Assad (1930-2000). Ugaritic clay tablet from the ancient city of Ebla. Old Islamic Dinar coin. Ancient portico support columns.
Oil workers and oil industry. Ship. Combine harvester. Small outline map of Syria in a circle above the oil refinery.
154 x 74 mm
Portrait of Hafez al-Assad. 
Dr. Mohammad Bashar Kabbara (1995-2004).
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