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'Yugoslavia', once spelled and called "Jugoslavia", was a country in Southeast Europe during most of the 20th century.

Founded:   1918
Date dissolved:   2003
Government:   Monarchy, Republic

Currency :                  Yugoslav dinar
User(s) :                     
Kingdom of YugoslaviaSFR YugoslaviaFR Yugoslavia
Symbol :                     
din. and дин.


100  Yugoslav dinar (1965-1985)

Obverse: 'Horsewoman' (The Monument of Peace) equestrian monument created by Antun Augustincic (1900 - 1979), a prominent Yugoslav Croatian sculptor. This sculpture is situated in front of the main building of the United Nations in New York City.

Reverse: Indication of value

Watermark: None.

Dominant colour: Red. 

Issuer: National Bank of Yugoslavia

Date of First Issue: 1 August 1965. 

Artists: M. Petrovic (Designer & Artist); T. Krnjajic (Engraver).

Date of withdrawal: 1985. 

Dimensions: 147 x 70 mm

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